Purchasing before 31 December 2020, we will offer 90 days complimentary service support.

90-day (according to the original delivered date) service charge is on us. Full inspection will be done by our authorized dealer or technician to determine deliberate damaged (including but not limited to damage during shipping due to neglecting packaging), unsanitary, dented, scratched, altered, and abused or missing parts since those will not be eligible for this complimentary service. 90 days complimentary service shall fall under the same repairing terms and conditions (including warranty coverage parts) as stated in the user manual warranty section. Complimentary service will no longer be valid shall those terms and conditions are violated.

Registering your product within 30 days of installation entitles you to those special offers and promotions. Please go to AG Neovo Healthcare website under Support section for product registration. AG Neovo reserved the right to reject or terminate any claim, promotion, and special offer(s) without prior notice. If you have any questions or inquiries, please email contact us or call 1-866-333-3686.