1. All fields with “*” must be completed and accurate for all valid claims
  2. Product must be purchased according to promotional date within US
  3. All documents submitted must be dated within 30 days of original invoice (with doctor’s name or practice/facility) Date and proper promo code for all valid claims, unless otherwise stated.
  4. Please expect Check to arrive in 6 to 8 weeks after submitting all valid documents
  5. Please read the Warranty section for details on purchased and free good(s) return and refund policy
  6. FOR TRADE-IN REBATE: Limit one (1) trade-in handpiece per one (1) qualifying handpiece purchased
  7. FOR TRADE-IN REBATE: Must obtain RMA Number for each trade-in handpiece prior to fill in this form
  8. FOR TRADE-IN REBATE: Original trade-in handpiece must be shipped to AG Neovo Service Center prepaid prior to initiate TRADE-IN REBATE process (including ship out new purchased item)
  9. Offer can not combine
  10. AG Neovo reserved the right to reject and terminate any claim and promotion without prior notice 

Rebate Request Form




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    Required field for Trade-in Rebate
    Required field for Trade-in Rebate

    Scan and attach original complete invoice *
    Submitting format: PDF or JPG or PNG with maximum file size 1MB.