Warranty and Maintenance

Thank you for purchasing AG Neovo products. All purchasing items should be in new, unused condition unless otherwise stated. AG Neovo will not honor any warranty for products that are not purchased from AG Neovo’s authorized dealer(s) or distributor(s).  AG Neovo reserved the right to accept any repair, return, and/or exchange item(s) without proper RMA number.  Make sure to register your product online to ensure all valid coverage.  AG Neovo reserved the right to reject any warranty claim if Product Registration has not been done properly via online registration.

Refund and Returning Purchased Items Policy

All items returning to AG Neovo’s designated site for service(s) must be sterilized and showing indication of sterilization (handpieces in sealed pouch).  Charges will be applied to unsterilized items.

Dental Handpiece(s)

  1. Unopened and/or unused within 30 days upon receiving the items: amount of full credit refund  will depend on the inspection result (must also return all the free items that came along with the package to get a full refund to begin with)
  2. Unopened and/or unused but over 30 days upon receiving the items: 25% restocking fee  less inspection result (must also return all the free items that came along with the package to get the refund)
  3. Opened and/or used within 30 days upon receiving the items: there is 50% restocking fee on all the purchased and free items  less inspection result (free items restocking fee is using the regular price to count toward restocking fee).
  4. Opened and/or used over 30 days or Unopened and/or unused over 45 days upon receiving the items: we do not accept any return, refund or exchange


  1. Above #1~#4 policies applied to all trade-in purchasing items. All refunds are subjected to deduct trade-in discount value.
  2. Unsterilized/unclean item(s) returning for service charging fee:  $25
  3. Transportation fee is non-refundable

Portable Dental Unit

All return items must be packed in good well-protected or original packing material and box.  AG Neovo will not be responsible for any loss of box and/or damage due to improper packing during freight.  All shipping damages will be customer’s sole responsibility and will not be covered by any warranty.  

  1. Unopened and/or unused within 30 days upon receiving the unit(s): refund (must also return all the free items that came along with the package to get a full refund)*
  2. Unopened and/or unused over 30 days upon receiving the unit(s): we do not accept any return, refund or exchange
  3. Opened and/or used in whole or part: we do not accept any return, refund or exchange, the exclusive remedy is repairing


  1. *Refund is honored when original packing carton is presented with all return items free from damage due to shipping.  Unopened and/or unused do not guarantee for full credit refund.  All return/refund items will be under full inspection.  25% restocking charges may apply to all refund.
  2. Unsterilized/unclean item(s) returning for service charging fee:  $100

Automatic Sterilizer (Autoclave)

Only Non-installed, Non-used, Well-packed in original package, Free from shipping damage, and must be within thirty (30) days from original ship date product(s) can qualify for return and refund as credit only.  Authorization must be obtained for all returning items.  Purchaser is responsible for all authorized return transportation charges.  Ownership of the authorized return item(s) remained with the purchaser until received by AG Neovo with regard to risk of loss and shipping damage during transportation. There will be 25% restocking fee to cover inspection fee for all authorized return items.  Amount of actual credit refund other than the restocking fee will depend on the Inspection result. Transportation fee is Non-refundable. 

In the event of failure due to defects during this warranty or cycle period, the exclusive remedies shall be repaired or replaced only, at AG Neovo’s option and without charge, of any defective non-consumable part(s), provided AG Neovo is notified and confirmed such defects by receiving RMA request through https://healthcare.agneovo.com with complete and accurate information, and further provided that the defective part(s) or unit(s) as a whole are returned to AG Neovo designating service center packed in good well-protected or original packing material. It is retail purchaser’s obligation to arrange for repair delivery of the unit to AG Neovo Service Center or any authorized dealers for warranty service at retail purchaser’s expense.

For detail warranty period or cycle, please refer to instruction manual.

Included in the Warranty:

  1. AG Neovo warrants its products to be free from defects in material and workmanship under normal operating conditions.
  2. Warranty period may differ with product(s) and region(s); please check with your local sales representative for more detail.
  3. All warranty claims must be made by online (https://healthcare.agneovo.com/support/registration). AG Neovo reserved the right to reject any warranty claim if Product Registration has not been done properly via online registration.
  4. We reserve the right to refuse any warranty for anyone tempered with the original warranty product(s) and part(s).

Excluded from the Warranty:

Damage, deterioration or malfunction resulting from:

  1. Accident, abuse, neglect, fire, water/liquids, lightning, or other acts of nature, unauthorized product modification, or failure to follow instructions supplied with the products.
  2. Repair or attempted repair by anyone not authorized by AG Neovo.
  3. Any physical damage of the products due to shipment.
  4. Disassembly or improper installation and improper cleaning or maintain of the unit/product not according to the operating guideline in the instruction manual.
  5. Use of supplies or parts not meeting the specifications of AG Neovo.
  6. Normal wear and tear.
  7. Other cause, which does not relate to product defect or any quality of the product.
  8. Consumable parts such as gaskets, o-rings, bio-filters etc. are not covered by warranty.

    The warranty made by authorized personnel or dealers and anything not follow those terms and conditions stated above would be considered to be part of Warranty Exclusion.

Inside Warranty Repairing:

  1. The Customer is responsible for requesting RMA number online (https://healthcare.agneovo.com/support/service) before shipping back to AG Neovo designated address for repair or refund. Make sure all submitted information is accurate and valid. Upon submission of service/repair request, an email will be sent with RMA# and designated service shipping address.
  2. The Customer is responsible for paying the shipping fee to AG Neovo for repair or refund with RMA# written on the outside package. AG Neovo will cover the cost of shipping the repaired product back to the customer (excluding Autoclave).

All return, refund, exchange products must be sterilized before well-pack and ship to AG Neovo’s designated service site.  We do not tolerate any unsterilized or unclean product(s) packed and shipped to AG Neovo’s designated service site.  It is a violation of US Occupational Safety and Health Administration Regulation.  We will charge the customer for receiving unsterilized or unclean product(s) with a proper sterilization or cleaning prior to any service.

Customer Service

AG Neovo values the relationships that we have with all of our customers, both individual and corporate. We constantly strive to provide the highest level of customer support that is expected of an industry leader. Should any questions or comments arise, please feel free to contact us. We always welcome your feedback.

Customer Service Contact Information

For information on obtaining warranty service, call your AG Neovo dealer or Customer Support hotline.

North and South America
Customer Service Department
48501 Warm Springs Blvd. Suite 114
Fremont, CA  94539

Toll free number: 866-333-3686
E-mail: contact us
Hours of operation: 9:00am to 5:30pm Pacific Standard Time

AG Neovo reserves the right to revise and modify the warranty policies, all details are subject to change without further notice.