AG Neovo Healthcare Portable Dentistry Equipment

Portable Dentistry Equipment

Transform the way you work

Choosing a suitable portable dental unit to perform the mobile oral procedure is vital. The all-in-one portable dental unit with a reliable design provides unique advantages for dentists. Considered what dentists and assistants need the most from portable dentistry equipment, we integrate an on-board water bottle, internal oil-free air compressor, suction system, and standard handpiece connection into a compact and easy-carried trolley case. Dental professionals can simply plug a portable dental unit into a standard electrical outlet, and it will be ready to work in seconds without any complicated installation and setup.

How to Choose the Right Portable Dental Unit

Out of the traditional dental office, portable dental units are necessary equipment for dental professionals during daily operation. Before you decide to select a portable dental unit, you should keep the below tips in mind. 

  • Determine your needs – what factors you care about the most while using this portable dental unit. You may consider the size, weight, capacity, size of wheels, and durability for long-term operation. 
  • Portability and easy operation – you can set up the system and pack it up in a short time.
  • Think bigger for your future expansion. In case of upgrading your equipment in the future, you need to consider if it’s enough space or the featured options to be upgraded or customized. 
  • Ensure your vendor can provide some services you need when processing the dental procedures outside of regular working hours. 
  • Understand the requirements for long-term maintenance: How often is the maintenance required? What is the turn-around time for repairs? What will the downtime be under maintenance or repairs? 
AG Neovo Healthcare PDE-181 Portable Dental Unit

PDE-181 Portable Dental Unit

Easy to move and operate for your dental treatment