AG Neovo Healthcare Dental Handpieces

Dental Handpieces

Engineered to Perform and Last

Dental handpieces are vital to dental professionals for everyday practice. The power and consistency of handpieces become the most important factors for a dentist to perform better in less time and great efficiency.

AG Neovo Healthcare dental handpieces are designed to deliver precise performance for longer periods of time. Unlike conventional dental handpieces, AG Neovo Healthcare dental handpieces are built to be extremely durable and reliable during every dental procedure, ensuring long-lasting precision over time.

How to Choose the Ideal Dental Handpieces?

Handpieces are the most used device in dentistry. As the core tools for dental professionals during everyday practice and treatment, the investment in choosing high-quality, reliable, and high-performance handpieces can be vitally important.

Here are the main features you need to consider before deciding what’s best for your dental practice.

  • Choose high-speed handpieces or low-speed handpieces? It depends on the different parts of dental procedure. High-speed handpieces are used for cavity preparation and restoration, and remove tooth structure. Low-speed handpieces are used to remove soft decay, refine cavity preparation, and polishing. Combined with several head sizes and attachments, handpieces can perform different functions during treatment.
  • There are two systems for powering handpiece burs: air-driven and electric motor. Air Turbine handpieces utilize an air-driven spinning impeller to generate rotary motion, whereas electrical handpieces use an electric motor to drive the mechanical gears which create the cutting motion of the burs. The better-balance design of lighter in weight, low in noise, consistent torque and speed, and vibratory sensation can determine handpieces’ overall performance. 
  • For most conventional handpiece design, there is a trade-off between cutting power and the head size of handpieces. The larger head size with powerful turbine produces more torque and cutting power, whereas a smaller head size can improve visibility and easy access in the treatment area and pediatric dentistry. Nowadays, more manufacturers claim their handpieces can achieve the optimal balance to deliver high performance but with smaller head size to allow good visibility and access during dental treatment.
  • Aside from using external lighting during dental treatment, the handpieces with an integrated light have led the trend today due to their convenience. Effective lighting provides better treatment visibility with less interruption which leads to better time efficiency during treatment.
  • Where is the origin of those dental handpieces? And how long the warranties they can provide? Manufacturers often offer 12 months or 24 months warranties on their handpieces. That is worth considering how these could help save your dental practice and repair money in the long run.
  • In terms of cleaning and maintenance, how will you clean and sterilize your handpieces? Use washer-disinfectors, ultrasonic disinfectors, or autoclaves/sterilizers? It’s important to Inquiry the cleaning instructions and recommendations from your manufacturers.

High-Speed Air-Driven Handpieces

Exceptional balance for optimal power and cutting efficiency