AG Neovo Healthcare Dental Autotmatic Sterilizer

Automatic Sterilizer

It is important that Instrument in dental offices and clinics are well cleaning and sterilizing. Following the proper infection control measures and guidelines, using the right automatic sterilizer can prevent the transmission of infectious diseases to patients and their staff for every dental practice.

In every busy practices, the right steam sterilizer (autoclave) plays a crucial role in improving dental professionals’ work productivity and smooth workflows. Nowadays, the most common type of sterilizer in dental offices and clinics is the steam sterilizer (dental autoclave) – with temperatures reaching 270° F and replacement of air by saturated steam to make dental instruments and equipment sterilized.

How to Choose the Right Steam Sterilizer/Autoclave for Your Dental Clinic?

If you’re looking to buy a new steam sterilizer/autoclave for your dental practice, you should consider the following main factors before making this important decision.

The important factors you must consider:

  • the steam sterilizer/autoclave is FDA-cleared and ASME-certified autoclaves
  • the volume of items that need to be sterilized with easy operation for time-saving
  • the types of autoclaves/sterilizers: For wrapped instruments, the Class S and Class B sterilizers are highly recommended for wrapped instruments
  • which the sterilization cycle can best fit your applications
  • where you plan to place a sterilizer in a sterilization area

AG Neovo Healthcare LouieP Séries tabletop autoclave

LouieP Séries

An ideal tabletop steam sterilizer for dental clinics and practices