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AG Neovo Healthcare Tavletop Autoclave

At AG Neovo Healthcare, we believe everyone has equal right to the treatment. That is why AG Neovo Dental product lines were established. Our goal is to offer friendly care and satisfactory quality services through the hands of healthcare practitioner.

Philosophy & Message

The name of AG Neovo is synonymous with products that last. AG Neovo Dental is driven by the mission of making dental products, services, and brand that provide satisfaction guaranteed. Having collaborated closely with dentists, AG Neovo Dental has fulfilled the operative quality of thousands of dental clinics worldwide with the DR-Series dental displays.

Since 2011, AG Neovo Dental has invested heavily in the design and development of certified dental products. The quality of AG Neovo Dental products comes from a proprietary machining process and industry-certified assembly, which ensure that every operative tool is of the highest and satisfactory quality. The state-of-the-art production and stringent test further ensure that AG Neovo Dental delivers products, services and support to enhance the quality of life for dental professionals and patients.

North and South America Regional Headquarters
AG Neovo Technology Corporation

48501 Warm Springs Blvd. Suite 114 Fremont, CA 94539
Toll-free 1-866-333-3686