1. Fill-in all fields.  “0” must be key-in for all inventory with zero quantity.
  2. Check everything is correctly key-in.
  3. Click “Confirmed” button.
  4. An auto-reply email confirmation will be sent to the email address.  Make sure to double check on all the key-in information.
  5. Service Provider will have 72-hours to correct any mistake after received this confirmation email with written explanation via email. 
  6. AG Neovo shall invoice the Service provider for any shortage (based on inventory count vs. storage quantity) on all Spare Parts unless otherwise stated.
  7. Auto-reply confirmation email should be kept for proof-of-record for at least one (1) year.

Online Inventory Filing

    Service Site

    Spare Part List

    MP-AT501 *
    Standard head turbine complete set

    MP-AT500 *
    Mini head turbine complete set

    MP-AHHC006 *
    Head cap

    SCO *
    Spray cap set

    BSO *
    Bearing set without impeller

    MP-AH0084 *
    Tighten ring for NSK

    EO-N *
    External o-ring set for NSK

    IPO-N *
    Internal pipe o-ring set for NSK

    MP-AH0083 *
    Rear connect for NSK 6510/6110

    MP-AH0113 *
    Rear connect for NSK 6500/6100

    MP-AH0144 *
    Tighten ring for KaVo

    MP-AH0143 *
    Rear connect for KaVo

    SO-K *
    Sleeve o-ring set for KaVo

    IPO-K *
    Internal pipe o-ring set for KaVo

    MP-AH0204 *
    Tighten ring for DPS

    MP-AH0203 *
    Rear connect for DPS

    SO-DPS *
    Sleeve o-ring set for DPS

    IPO-DPS *
    Internal pipe o-ring set for DPS

    MP-ACLB004 *
    Standard LED Bulb for WH

    MP-ACLB006 *
    Non-Standard LED Bulb for WH

    MP-AH0263 *
    Rear connect for WH

    SO-WH *
    Sleeve o-ring set for WH

    IPO-WH *
    Internal pipe o-ring set for WH

    EP-WH *
    Electrode pair set for WH

    IFS-WH *
    Internal fixture screw set for WH

    File Upload
    Submitting format: PDF or JPG or PNG with maximum file size 1MB (upload any necessary files as you wish)