AG Neovo Healthcare Support UCSD Student-Run Free Dental Clinic Project


AG Neovo Healthcare is happy to have become a supporter of the Student-run Free Dental Clinic Project at the University of California in San Diego. As a token of endorsing a shared commitment to caring for people, it donated a total of four handpieces and four couplings to the UCSD project that manages four free dental clinics in San Diego County Area with the help of dental professionals.

The UCSD Pre-Dental Society (PDS) is a student organization that aims to promote student interest in the field of dentistry, and the UCSD Student-Run Free Dental Clinic Project is the most distinctive quality about the organization. In partnership with the community, the UCSD PDS and Student-Run Free Dental Clinic Project provide both accessible, quality dental care to the underserved and education with a view to promoting oral hygiene. In practice, the UCSD project runs clinics where licensed dental professionals provide comprehensive dental care to underprivileged people for free. AG Neovo Healthcare came to know of the UCSD project during ADA 2014 in San Antonio. Adriee Wong, a pre-dental student of UCSD, introduced her organization and talked about the work it had done for the community.

AG Neovo Healthcare identified with the cause and decided it could be of some help to it—serving the dental needs of the underserved. Of the four handpieces donated to the UCSD project, two are of the E-6500N model and two of E-6500K, along with four couplings, two of CN-4000 and two of CK-4000. These are now being used in restorative dentistry by Dr. Sussi Yamaguchi and two 4th-year dental students working on a rotational basis under the form’s supervision at clinics run by the UCSD project. “We enjoy working with the help of AG Neovo Healthcare’s handpieces that feel compact and light and come with sleek design,” Dr. Yamaguchi said. “Thanks to these new handpieces, we no longer find ourselves giving patients an occasional shower (no leaking water from the coupler as was often the case with our previous handpieces) because now we can contain all the water inside the mouth. We appreciate your endorsement.”