AG Neovo Healthcare Handpieces Win Catapult Vote of Confidence


AG Neovo Healthcare is happy to announce that its Evolve Series handpieces, launched at ADA 2014, have secured the endorsement of Catapult, an esteemed specialised institution committed to providing dental professionals with unbiased clinical information. Catapult works with dentistry innovators and manufacturers by reviewing, assessing, and promoting cutting-edge techniques and developments. Its team of Key Opinion Leaders (KOLs) helps manufacturers broaden their message reach and raise brand awareness through product reviews, live lectures, articles, and online continuing education courses.

AG Neovo Healthcare’s Evolve Series comprises a full gamut of air-driven, KAVO/NSK compatible, standard/mini-head, high-speed handpieces. While Enduro™ Chuck ensures cutting efficiency and durability, the lightweight handpieces also feature an ergonomic design, less vibration, and a lower noise level. A total of 22 Catapult KOLs chose to evaluate four out of the eight Evolve Series high-speed handpieces: E-6510K (KAVO compatible with light), E-6510N (NSK compatible with light), E-6500K (KAVO compatible without light), and E-6500N (NSK compatible without light). Finally, the majority verdict was that they would recommend the tested handpieces to their colleagues in the field of dentistry.

The total performance score from the KOLs was 4.32 out of 5. It duly reflects high credits on the overall design, ease of use and installation, spray pattern, bur concentricity, and noise level. Incidentally, the Evolve Series is rated as offering a cost-performance ratio of the same tally. “The AG Neovo Healthcare Evolve Series is either the same or superior to the $900 handpiece that I use,” says one of the KOLs from Catapult. “This is an outstanding result for a product that we all use every day, year after year, and it is our pleasure to give it the Catapult Vote of Confidence.” Quote from Lou Graham, DDS, President Founder of Catapult Group, LLC.