AG Neovo Announced its Debut Revolution Series 1:5 Increasing Contra-angle Handpiece for Enhanced Lightweight and Durable Design with Optimum Performance


AG Neovo Healthcare announced new Revolution Series R-5510 1:5 increasing contra-angle handpiece that features an advanced technology with ergonomic design and constant cutting power. It offers the versatility to connect to either an air-motor or electric motor for different demands and variations.

The Revolution Series R-5510 ensures high torque and smooth performance with less noise and vibration during each restorative and prosthetics procedure. As continuous premium design, the Revolution series handpiece is well-balanced with performance and ergonomically-designed shape. R-5510 is design with slip-free and scratch-resistant coating which ensured an easy firm gripping with reduced hand fatigue while under long hours of working.

The Revolution Series R-5510 handpiece comes with a compact head design providing a better access to the operating field. Its four-nozzle water spray and fiber optic glass rod make each procedure a comfy operating for every patient.

Like all other air-driven Revolution Series handpieces, R-5510 is crafted with high quality stainless steel that built to last.  

To learn more about AG Neovo Healthcare Revolution Series contra-angle and other straight handpieces, please visit Revolution Series R-5510 webpage.