LouieP Séries

Tabletop Autoclave

An Ideal Dynamic Air-Removal Steam Sterilizer for Dental Clinics and Healthcare Centers

Safe & Reliable, Easy-to-Use, Efficient Sterilization

LouieP Séries tabletop autoclave is designed to be safe, reliable, and easy-to-use for dental clinics and healthcare centers that require an affordable alternative for sterilization of wrapped, simple hollow instruments and textiles. With its clear-to-see display of sterilization cycle selection and operation status indicator, LouieP Séries enables you to reduce work efforts and save operation time in every busy day at clinics.

Featuring dynamic air-removal technology, pre-programmed cycle, and closed-door drying, LouieP Séries P-M10TR allows the high-efficiency operation to sterilize wrapped instruments with fewer system errors. Built with ASME certified pressure chamber and auto-disconnect safety mechanism, it provides a safe and sterile environment for your daily operation.

Key Features

  • Dynamic Air-removal Technology
  • 2-Step door opening protection
  • Closed-door drying design
  • Post-vacuum drying for extra dryness
  • Over pressure and temperature control with auto-disconnect mechanism
  • FDA cleared and ASME certified pressure chamber
  • Easy USB data logging for sterilization cycle report

Product Highlights

AG Neovo LouieP Séries autoclave sterilizer intuitive control panel

Intuitive and Clear Navigation

Easy to use

Select the pre-programmed sterilization cycles you need by one quick click .

Clear at a glance

LED screen shows temperature, error code, pressure, and operating status to ensure your normal operation. 

AG Neovo LouieP Séries tabletop autoclave sterilizer dynamic air removal technology

Dynamic Air-removal Technology

The vacuum pulses into the pre-sterilization stage to better pull the air and steam mixture from the packs.  It’s ideal for sterilizing lumened devices, tubal and wrapped instruments, such as dental handpieces.

AG Neovo LouieP Séries tabletop autoclave safety door mechanism


Doubled door locking mechanism

The door can only open when the sterilization cycle has completed  followed by pressing the unlock button. 

Closed Door Drying

Door keeps closed during the drying stage to prevent re-contamination occurring and keep everyone safe.

Real-time alerts & control

  • Over pressure and temperature control with auto-disconnect mechanism.
  • Emergency button to stop all operations. 
AG Neovo LouieP Séries tabletop autoclave USB data logging

Easy Data Logging 

Download your cycle records to the USB device and export the data with a free tool kit.   


AG Neovo Healthcare LouieP Séries  tabletop autoclave location requirement
Chamber Size10.2” (26cm) Diameter x 17.7” (45cm) Depth
Overall Dimensions (W x H x D)22.1” x 17.4” x 25.8” (53.3cm x 44.2cm x 65.5cm)
Minimum Countertop Area (W x D)29” x 29.8” (73.7cm x 75.7cm)
Volume6.3Gal (24 liters)
Tray (W x D)Three (6.25” x 15” / 15.9 cm x 38.1 cm)
Voltage / Power (heater)12A / 120VAC 60Hz / 1400W
Programmed Cycle270°F Unwrapped, 270°F Wrapped (Pouches), 250°F Wrapped (Packs), Handpieces, B.D. Test (Cleaning), Pump Test, Re-Dry
Water Reservoir Capacity & Filling Access1.1 Gal (4.2 liters) & Top (Rear)
Closed Door DryingYes
Data LoggerYes (via USB port)
Unit Weight127.9 lbs (58 kg)
Shipping Weight134.5 lbs (61 kg)
Safety StandardsIEC 61010-1, 3rd Edition
IEC 61010-2-040:2015
ASME Boiler & Pressure Vessel Code, Section VIII, Division 1
CertificationsANSI/AAMI ST55:2016
Warranty2 year limited



AG Neovo LouieP Séries tabletop autoclave Tray Frame with 3 Stanless Steel Trays

Tray rack with 3 stanless steel trays 

AG Neovo LouieP Séries tabletop autoclave tray holder

Tray holder

AG Neovo LouieP Séries tabletop autoclave heater cover

Heater cover

AG Neovo LouieP Séries tabletop autoclave cleanser for chamber

Cleanser for Chamber

AG Neovo LouieP Séries tabletop autoclave USB flash drive

USB flash drive
(incl.data reader software)

AG Neovo High speed air-driven handpieces-revolution series

Revolution Series
High-speed Handpieces

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